Plant throne (pointy throne)
Plant throne (pointy throne)
Plant throne (pointy throne)

Plant throne (pointy throne)

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Plant throne - Left (Right side can be bought separately or as a combo)


Don't have enough space for all your plants?

Ever wanted to start putting up shelves just for plants?

Well, if you don't have a lot of space, you might want to consider our hanging plant thrones  for all those smaller pots and vases that end up taking a lot of space on your tables or desks. 

Or, have a feature wall that you want to fill with lots of of smaller plant shelves?

Our hanging plant thrones gives your plants the space they need. 

Makes awesome displays and the chalk strip helps you keep track of the date you last watered or the name of your new plant.

Super easy to hang. Simply stick the head of your screw in the hole on the back of the wood. 

Handmade by i-go-eco



Made entirely out of recycled pallet wood. So you get to do your bit for the environment as well.

Wood has been sealed and is splash resistant. 


Commitment to ecofriendly products goes a long way in our struggle for a sustainable world. 


L: 10cm H: 30cm W: 2cm

Note: Does not include chalk or plants.