Tote Bag - Plant Parent
Tote Bag - Plant Parent

Tote Bag - Plant Parent

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Plant Parent tote bag

Out shopping for new plants or just shopping in general?

Our tote bags are made extra strong to keep your plant babies or general shopping safe. 

Size: 40x40cm with extra long handles. 


Handmade by i-go-eco

These tote bags are made from denim. The plant parent badge from recycled Pine wood and held on to the bag with hessian string.

Although denim is not necessarily the most ecofriendly fabric out there we like to see the combination of this tote bag as:

  • Denim representing where we are at the moment in our fight against non ecofriendly items
  • The badge made from recycled pine wood representing each inception we manage to make in to the world of ecofriendly products as the human race.
  • The hessian string tying the wooden badge down to the denim represents our full commitment as humans to create a ecofriendly environment for our children and the future of our plant.
  • Hessian is made from sisal plant fibers. It is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • For this reason we think hessian represents our commitment perfectly to our planet and the promises we would like to see and make.  

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