Closed terrarium

Caring for a closed terrarium is probably one of the easiest tasks in the world.

The most important point being to understand what it thrives on.

Terrariums love good natural light.

Here are some tips on that:

  • Place your terrarium on a table close to a window that allows for lots of natural light to hit the terrarium sides from at least one or multiple sides.
  • A terrarium can even be placed on a window sill (on the inside of the house)
  • If the terrarium will be placed outside the house, it must be under a roof of some sort. 


  • Avoid placing the terrarium in the middle or back of a dark room.
  • Avoid any direct sunlight. On a window sill is perfectly fine, as long as there is an actual window glass between the direct sun light and the terrarium glass. 
  • Avoid watering the terrarium.
  • Avoid opening the terrarium on a regular basis. Only open if and when maintenance is required. (if you have opened the terrarium for maintenance and had the lid off for more than 2 minutes - use your water spray bottle to spray 2 sprays on the sides on the inside of the glass. Not on the plants). This action will replace any humidity that evaporated while the lid was off.

What to look out for:

  • Droplets on the inside of the bottle on the glass. This is exactly what needs to happen. If you see this, it means that your terrarium is happy.
  • If you do not see droplets on the inside of the glass at least once a day it means that the terrarium is not getting enough natural light. At this point you must move the terrarium closer to natural light or the window itself.
  • If the plants start to form mold on the leaves it means that the terrarium is either not getting enough natural light, it was watered during its life or the soil was too wet when the terrarium was made. If this happens, take the lid off for about 5 - 10 hours, move it to a spot with slightly less natural light and do not water or spray it at all. After this, close it up again and move it to an area with very good natural light. Hopefully this would have fixed the problem.