Meaning of the number of Lucky Bamboo stalks

What does the number of Lucky Bamboo stalks in your arrangement mean.

Lets start with why Lucky Bamboo is even considered to be lucky. Bamboo as a plant is a Chinese symbol of toughness , strength and fast growing. Now, Lucky Bamboo is not bamboo, in fact , it is actually called Dracaena Sanderiana. As Lucky Bamboo does look like bamboo it is given as a gift of luck and prosperity.
This is one of the easiest houseplants in South Africa to take care of and it certainly is beautiful.
When Lucky Bamboo is given as a gift, you should consider the number of stalks that you want to gift and decide on the type of blessing that you would like to wish upon the person you are giving it to.
  • 1 Stalk: Although not a popular number for Lucky Bamboo gifting. The meaning would be commitment. It is also said to bring truth forward and help it to prevail at the place where it is kept.
  • 2 Stalks: Can be gifted to a couple or any other as an articulation of love and double luck.
  • 3 Stalks: If your hope is to gift or gain prosperity, then this is the number you should focus on. Three stalks represents wealth, happiness and a long life.
  • 4 Stalks: If you give someone 4 stalks as a gift, it could well be considered as a death wish. You should never keep or gift four stalks. In Chinese, the word "four" sounds a lot like the Chinese word for death. 
  • 5 Stalks: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intuitive are five aspects of your health that will benefit from 5 stalks.
  • 6 stalks: In the Chinese language, the word "six" sounds like the Chinese word for "luck". Therefore it is said that 6 stalks will attract prosperity and wealth.
  • 7 Stalks: This number of stalks will bring or gift health.
  • 8 Stalks: In the Chinese language the word "eight" sounds like the Chinese word for grow. Therefore the meaning of 8 stalks is fertility.
  • 9 Stalks: Significant luck is to come with 9 stalks.
  • 10 stalks: Confidence and a feeling of being complete are what you would wish upon the person you gift 10 stalks.
  • 21 Stalks:  Wealth and health in a great abundance are gifted when giving twenty one stalks of Lucky Bamboo.