Lucky Bamboo Propagation tips

Lucky Bamboo is a really awesome and easy plant to propagate

The following are some of the required steps to remember:

  • When cutting your lucky bamboo to create a second or third stem: Always make sure to cute with an angle just below the node. After cutting, make sure to get the bottom half of  the new stem back in water as soon as possible
  • If you are have created a stem that has been cut off at the top: It is recommended that you seal the top off so that water does not penetrate the stem from the top as this will result in the stem rotting and eventually dying. Candle wax can be used to seal it off. Simply light up the candle and drip the wax on the top of the stem or dip the top of the stem in the wax if you are using a larger candle. 
  • If you have created a stem that has been freshly cut at the bottom and have not grown any roots as yet: Make sure to keep the stem in water that has been cooked before or filtered water. No tap water. After 2-3 weeks small roots will start forming on the bottom of the stem. After the roots have grown you can plant the bamboo in soil if required.
  • If you have created a stem that has been freshly cut at the top and has no leaves:  In about 3-5 weeks new leaves will start forming closer to the top. 
  • Please remember that right through this process you need to keep the Lucky Bamboo plant in the desired conditions. You can view our tips on caring for Lucky Bamboo here.Lucky Bamboo Propagation:ucky Bamboo PropagationLucky Bamboo PropagationLucky Bamboo Propagation