Ficus Golden Princess braided
Ficus Golden Princess braided

Ficus Golden Princess braided

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Ficus Golden princess braided


Easy houseplant to care for.

Bright indirect sunlight. No direct sunlight. However if acclimated, it will be able to cope.

Water once or twice a week. Do no let the soil dry out completely. Water when the top 3cm of soil has dried out. Do not let the pot sit in water that has drained in to the saucer as this will cause root rot. 

Enjoys humidity between 50-80%.  

Mist leaves regularly.

Note: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Toxic.

Note: Each individual plant is unique. This image is an example only, however the plant you receive will be as close as possible to this image description. 

Note: Stem length indicated above  is a guide to the estimated length rather than an exact length that you will receive.