Indoor potting soil mix

Indoor potting soil mix - Our own i-go-eco mix

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This is our own special mix.

Out of experience, we realised that this specific mix works best for almost all our plants and propagations.

Repotting your indoor plant?

The truth is that most house plants does not want normal potting soil straight from the bag. Majority of indoor potting soils retains too much water and does not drain well. 

We make our own special mix and use it for our plants. Our blend of indoor potting soil, perlite and coco peat works perfect for all indoor plants.

From Calathea right trough to Sansevieria.

Works perfect for terrariums too!

What makes it perfect for indoor plants:

  • Drains well
  • Improves aeration
  • Retains moisture not water
  • Help prevents root rot



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