Lotus Bamboo
Lotus Bamboo

Lotus Bamboo

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Lotus Bamboo

Around 40cm tall

Also known as Rose Bamboo, Flower Bamboo or Dracaena Compacta

Very much the same as lucky bamboo but not. However the care tips are the same.



Those are the only two things that it will ever really ask from you.

Make sure to always only give it water that has been boiled before, distilled water or rain water. Lucky bamboo really likes pure water without chlorine and all that nasty stuff we drink every day.

You can change the water every 14 days or so, however from personal experience all you really have to do is to top the water up when required.

When we say no direct sunlight, we mean it. Keep it as far away as possible from direct sunlight and SUPER bright light.  It will tolerate low, medium and bright light. 

Air purifying qualities. 

Note: Keep out of reach of children and and pets. Toxic

Note: Each individual plant is unique. This image is an example only, however the plant you receive will be as close as possible to this image description. 

Note: Stem length indicated above is a guide to 

Note the following regarding your lucky bamboo at the time of sale:

Lotus Bamboo may or may not have developed roots at the time of sale.

Lotus Bamboo may or may not have variegation on the leaves or stem.

Note, Glass not included.