Plant wheels
Plant wheels
Plant wheels

Plant wheels

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Plant wheels


Ever wonder why you got that really big and heavy pot plant...

Especially when you get to the part of having to move them for cleaning behind or under. Well, the solution is to simply put your pot plant on a trolley that makes moving your plant around... well basically 100% easier.


Handmade by i-go-eco

Our Plant wheels comes with 2 wheels across from each other that has lockable brakes. This prevents your plants from moving across the room without permission.

Our version of plant wheels... although not a first in our world of possibilities are almost unique due to it being made entirely from recycled wood or off cuts.

Spoil your plants (and yourself) with a set of wheels for comfort and the cool factor.


Commitment to ecofriendly products goes a long way in our struggle for a sustainable world. 


30cm x 30cm surface 

Note: Does not include ornamental items or plants in photos.