Terrarium starter kit - Beginner Plus plants

Terrarium starter kit - Beginner Plus plants

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Terrarium starter kit with plants for beginners 

Closed terrarium -  Everyone should build a terrarium at least once.

Building and observing terrariums are not only fun, it is also educational.

This terrarium kit includes:

  1. 3L Glass jar with coated lid
  2. Terrarium drainage layer (350g)
  3. Terrarium drainage layer separator (15x15cm)
  4. Activated charcoal (150g)
  5. Terrarium soil (350g)
  6. English ivy small 5cm pot
  7. Polka dot plant red small 5cm pot
  8. Polka dot green small 5cm pot
  9. Pilea Micropylla small 5cm pot
  10. Terrarium starter kit guide to lay the foundation and start off your new terrarium

This terrarium starter kit includes 4 x small. No clean up crew insects included. More small tropical plants can be added for this closed terrarium. Small terrarium plants, Springtails and Isopods can be purchased from our online shop.