Crassula Ovata Gollum Shrek ears

Crassula Ovata Gollum - Shrek ears Large

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Crassula Ovata Gollum Large

Also known as Shrek ears. 

It likes partial sun and not necessarily full sun as many would think. It prefers 4-5 hours of direct morning sunlight and partial sun for the rest of the day. 

Too much direct sunlight will burn its leaves. It can slowly be climatised to full sun al day however it is not preferred.

You can grow your Shrek ears indoors or outdoors.

Drainage is very important.  Water once every two weeks once soil has dried completely. Be careful of overwatering and of frost.

Note: Keep out of reach of children and and pets. Toxic

Note: Each individual plant is unique. This image is an example only, however the plant you receive will be as close as possible to this image description. 

Note: Stem length indicated above is a guide to the estimated length rather than an exact length that you will receive.