Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus

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Golden Barrel Cactus

Also known as Echinocactus Grusonii

Light requirements: Indoor: Place it by your window with the brightest light. At least 6 hours of bright indirect light. Outdoor: Full sun - Full sun

Water requirements: Indoor & outdoor: Requires very little water. In summer water once every 2 weeks

In winter you will need to water way less to avoid root rot. Make sure that this plant never sit in water. It must never sit in soaked soil or a tray with water.

Warning: Extremely sharp thorns.

Note: Each individual plant is unique. This image is an example only, however the plant you receive will be as close as possible to this image description. 

Note: Plant size in the photo is an estimation of the plant size that you will receive.

Note: The plant you receive might have some differences.