Lucky Bamboo arrangement

Lucky Bamboo Curled - 1 stem - Planted in glass jar with gravel

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Depending on availability. This curled Lucky Bamboo may be cut at the top or it may not be cut and have the leaves growing out of the top.

Lucky Bamboo planted arrangement. Stems vary between Plus minus 15cm to 20cm from roots to top of stem. Note that glass jar and gravel might vary slightly.

Lucky Bamboo might just be one of the easiest plants EVER to take care of. As long as you know what it needs... 



Those are the only two things that it will ever really ask from you.

Make sure to always only give it water that has been boiled before, distilled water or rain water. Lucky bamboo really likes pure water without chlorine and all that nasty stuff we drink every day.

You can change the water every 14 days or so, however from personal experience all you really have to do is to top the water up when required.

When we say no direct sunlight, we mean it. Keep it as far away as possible from direct sunlight and SUPER bright light.  It will tolerate low, medium and bright light. 

Removes benzene, other toxins and acts as a natural humidifier by adding moisture to the immediate air around it.  

Note: Ornamental items in background not included.

Note the following regarding your lucky bamboo at the time of sale:

Lucky Bamboo may or may not have developed roots at the time of sale.

Lucky Bamboo may or may not have variegation on the leaves or stem.