Staghorn Fern Small
Staghorn Fern Small

Staghorn Fern Small

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Staghorn Fern


Frequent watering is required. Keep in mind to let the plant medium dry out between watering.  

Medium to high indirect sunlight. As close as possible to the brightest window you have in your house or building where it will be.

However, when it is a East or west facing window, place it at least one meter away as the morning and afternoon sun might be to sharp.

How to water a potted staghorn.

Mist the plant regularly. Place the pot in a bowl of water and let it soak for 15min.

The root ball should be submerged in water when doing this. 

Note: Each individual plant is unique. This image is an example only, however the plant you receive will be as close as possible to this image description. 

Note: Stem length indicated above is a guide to the estimated length rather than an exact length that you will receive.